My first distance race was a 9 mile mini-marathon on road. I was 9 years old at the time. After that I discovered I was quite good at sprinting and jumping so I did that for a bit until injury got in the way. Well, I say injury and there’s some truth in that but it was probably all the beer I drank at university that was mostly to blame.

Sometime after the Millennium festivals ended and the world didn’t, I went back to running – mostly 5km road races with the odd 10km event thrown in. I swore that 10km was as far as I’d ever go because it just seemed too far and took too so long to do.

Then I moved back to the countryside and started running on trails.

In 2010, after taking part in a few trail events, adventure races and mountain marathons, I ran my first ultramarathon; 85 miles from Ivinghoe to Avebury along the Ridgeway national trail. It took me 23 hours and 20 minutes.

In 2011, I decided to start writing more about my running and share my experiences, thoughts and plans with anyone who cares to listen.

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  1. rob jones

    Draconian one!!

    Sorry to hear that you dnf’d at lakeland and that you didn’t enter the ridgeway. hope you are nowback to speed. I’ve entered the LDWA 100 event so am checking that out next year

  2. Tim Fox Evans

    As a 57 year old runner, I am about to run in my first ultra. 56miles on the Kennet and Avon canal . Bath to Newbury. Many people have said ‘ultras are hard enough, why run on the flat! You will pound your back into submission…
    I hope this will not be the case, I have trained well but gone a bit flat in recent, important weeks..illness, strains and work!
    I am hoping that years of trail running (about thirty) man vs horse, race the train and 9 years of winter tough guy along with the usual stuff will aid my mental state as the day arrives…two weeks from now.
    I am running unsupported and carrying 1.5litres SIS. Some 9bars and a handful of gels. Water can be replenished en route …
    As the hour approaches (cometh the man) any top tips would be appreciated.
    Good luck one and all. Tim

  3. Jim Mckenna

    How did the Chiltern Way Challenge go? Are you still running it? Did you survive it? If not, will you have blisters for all eternity? Hope you are well.


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