Bring me sunshine!

I think cutting back on miles for any given week is definitely something I’m good it and it’s one part of my training I rarely have difficulty with. I did try and make friends with my foamroller again although I suspect it’s in a hump with me for neglecting it so much. The highlight of the week was a visit to my friend and ace sports therapy physio massage person (who is doing an Ironman in Austria in two weeks) on Tuesday morning to give my legs the once over. I thought my ITB would be the problem area but it turns out that my calves were rock solid. They need a lot of work. And indeed, I’m working on it. So, training:

Monday 11th: 3.35 very wet miles walk (with 0.5 mile of strides in the middle)
Tuesday 12th: Physio and rest
Wednesday 13th: Club run – 9.5 miles
Thursday 14th: 1.85 mile walk
Friday 15th: 2.5 mile walk, 3x2x1200m intervals on treadmill @ 6:50 mins/mi
Saturday 16th: Rest
Sunday 17th: 8.5 mile run

Total running mileage: 22.5 miles

What running I did went well, for the most part. Let me rephrase: Wednesday evenings run went really well. I didn’t set out hard but eased into the run and felt light and fluid on the hills by the end. There’s a phrase I never thought I’d apply to myself – “light and fluid”. The run was okay but got broken up by a lot of stiles and gates which got frustrating at one point. Still, a very congenial run.

Yesterday’s run was, um, interesting. Originally I’d planned to do a 18-20 mile run but with one thing or another, I didn’t have time so decided to split it into two 10 mile B2B runs. What I shouldn’t have done is a) eaten so much at the barbecue lunch we had (le bleugh!) and b) set off as fast as I did. The first two miles were covered in 7:23 and 7:08 respectively but I couldn’t hold the past because I just wanted to throw up. Then I got lost and found myself on a local MTB course that I vaguely knew about but had never visited. I narrowly avoided getting run over by riders careening down the hill at a fair old whack and decided to run up the hill in an impromptu hill run. A very steep, very long impromptu hill run.

If I can find my way back there, I will use that place for a good hill climb training session.

The next couple of weeks are going to be similarly short in mileage. Club night is taken up with a club event so no run and next weekend I’m away camping (for my sins) with my son so there won’t be much chance to run then. So I will be seeing what I can do for three/four days to at least get 20 miles under my belt.